The Ahuman Manifesto

Author: Patricia MacCormack

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Release: 2020-01-23

Total Pages: 224

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Ultimately, The Ahuman Manifesto is a call to activism for the other at the expense of the self, not as a form of martyrdom but because life in this book is understood ecosophically as a natural contract. We humans are simply parts of a ...

Doctrine in Shades of Green

Author: Andrew J. Spencer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

Release: 2022-01-13

Total Pages: 260

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The Ahuman Manifesto is on the edge of possible positions on the environment at this time, so real debate with the perspective is unlikely to prove fruitful. However, a closer example might be to consider how I engage my real, ...

Uneven Futures

Author: Ida Yoshinaga

Publisher: MIT Press

Release: 2022-12-20

Total Pages: 374

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MacCormack , Ahuman Manifesto , 129 . 10. Russ , We Who Are About To ... , 129 . 11. Russ , We Who Are About To ... , 163 , 165 . 12. Russ , We Who Are About To ... , 168 . 13. MacCormack , Ahuman Manifesto , x , xi .

Fan Identities in the Furry Fandom

Author: Jessica Ruth Austin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Release: 2021-08-26

Total Pages: 184

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2014. 'Introduction', in Deleuze and the Animal, edited by Colin Gardner and Patricia MacCormack, 1–13, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. MacCormack, Patricia. 2020. The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene, ...

The Eastern Journal of International Law



Release: 1976

Total Pages: 658

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-from " A Human Manifesto " Donald Keys , the registrar for Planetary Citizens , gives information about this organisation , and we wish to share it with our readers . The material which follows is excerpted from the literature received ...

Radio Liberty Research Bulletin



Release: 1982

Total Pages:

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Those who attended these readings learned his poem " A Human Manifesto " by heart . But , according to the testimony of people who knew him well , " he did not have a real vocation for poetry ; as he said , what always interested him ...

International Education



Release: 1971

Total Pages: 346

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A HUMAN MANIFESTO Norman Cousins The telltale words of contemporary civilization are mobility , power , electronic intelligence . Man can visit the moon ; he can move mountains or expunge cities ; he can delegate his complications to ...

Sociology with a Human Face

Author: Robert Marsh Kloss

Publisher: Saint Louis : C. V. Mosby Company

Release: 1976

Total Pages: 350

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... and philoso- phers who were no longer involved in societies based on exploitation and so could have no possi- ble stake in oppression . . The last words of the Communist Manifesto , with their declaration of war against the ...