The Lacanian Subject

Author: Bruce Fink

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Release: 1997

Total Pages: 219

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Lacan calls this third term the Name - of - the - Father or the Father's Name , but by formalizing its action in the form of the paternal metaphor or function , he makes it clear that it is not inescapably tied to either biological or ...

Subject of Lacan, The

Author: Kareen Ror Malone

Publisher: SUNY Press

Release: 2012-02-01

Total Pages: 408

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A Lacanian Reader for Psychologists Kareen Ror Malone, Stephen R. Friedlander ... Lacan's term “subject of the signifier” literally means that there is no substantial signified content that guarantees the unity of the I; at this level, ...

Lacan and the Subject of Language (RLE: Lacan)

Author: Ellie Ragland-Sullivan

Publisher: Routledge

Release: 2014-02-05

Total Pages: 230

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The essaysin thisvolumeareorganizedinto three sections: Lacan and the Subject of Language, Lacan and the Subject of ... Yet, such an organizational strategy does not truly divide the essays into discrete, separate subjects.

Interface Fantasy

Author: Andre Nusselder

Publisher: MIT Press

Release: 2009-09-11

Total Pages: 184

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A Lacanian Cyborg Ontology Andre Nusselder. human eye, human vision, measures the world's horizon. As such the window is the condition of the scientific attitude. Descartes's cogito as a subject of pure thought and vision, ...

Lacan to the Letter

Author: Bruce Fink

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

Release: 2004

Total Pages: 192

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And this is precisely what Bruce Fink does in this ambitious book, a fine analysis of Lacan's work on language and psychoanalytic treatment conducted on the basis of a very close reading of texts in his Icrits: A Selection.