A Crisis of Truth

Author: Richard Firth Green

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Release: 2002-05

Total Pages: 512

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We have already seen that the mercers ' phrase " trouthe amonges vs of fewe or elles no man many day dorst be shewed ” echoes snatches of pulpit verse lamenting the world's truthlessness , but similar protests are to be met with at ...

Treatise on the Neurophilosophy of Consciousness

Author: Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Release: 2012-08-15

Total Pages: 1076

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He characterized the disease as a “crisis of truth” in both postmodern Western and Middle Eastern cultures' approach in the solution of the differences in the spheres of faith and culture that divide them. In a nutshell, he questions ...

Unstaging War, Confronting Conflict and Peace

Author: Tony Fry

Publisher: Springer

Release: 2019-07-24

Total Pages: 332

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(effectively a crisis of truth) that has now taken a political turn and is producing a crisis in the authority of critical thought, science and the media20). The Narrative Form and the Structure of the Book While the narrative has been ...

The Gospel of Inclusion

Author: Carlton Pearson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Release: 2009-03-10

Total Pages: 256

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A crisis in truth is a crisis in trust. The role of Christianity is to create environments conducive to the work of the Holy Spirit in people's minds and hearts. It is desirable that our style and approach change, even though we ...

The Voice upon the mountains, ed. by T.G. Bell, Vol.[1]-3

Author: Thomas George Bell


Release: 1869

Total Pages:

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Long before this there had The proclamation of that truth is coming to a CRISIS been a crisis on the plains of Shinar ; the people would too . In the last days , we believe , from the prediction of build a tower , reaching to heaven ...

Crisis-consciousness and the Novel

Author: Eugene Hollahan

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

Release: 1992

Total Pages: 269

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In Lyon's seeking for theological truth , Eliot literalizes the principle that crisis - rhetoric occurs in the context of truth versus error . To understand how these words could carry the suggestion they actually had for the minister ...

A Covenant of Creatures

Author: Michael Fagenblat

Publisher: Stanford University Press

Release: 2010-06-03

Total Pages: 320

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24. richard firth Green, A Crisis of Truth; see also nigel saul's review, “from trothe to truth.” Andrea frisch, in “the ethics of testimony,” provides an effective hermeneutical clarification of the value and errors of modern theories ...