Saving the Human Race

Author: Robert W. Stach

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

Release: 2016-03-11

Total Pages:

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We see a star that is approximately one light-year away and head for that star. There appears to be planets circling that particular star. I increase the speed of the ship, and within a minute, we are close enough to the star to ...

Blood and Fire

Author: David Gerrold

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

Release: 2003-12-02

Total Pages: 208

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They've both got too much mass, too much velocity, so they fling themselves around and around their common center, circling in vast ellipses—wobbling toward equilibrium. But while the star lurches around, the marble is circling and ...

Boys' Life



Release: 1986-08

Total Pages: 64

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CIRCLE. AROUND. A. STAR. By Bill Severn You don't have to be a mind reader to know what someone is thinking. Top: Scouts leaving Challenge ... YOU SHOW FIVE cards, each with its own design: a triangle, circle, cross, star or square.

Wizards, Aliens, and Starships

Author: Charles L. Adler

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Release: 2019-11-19

Total Pages: 392

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The notion of a “crowded universe” stems from the principle of mediocrity, otherwise called the Copernican principle: the idea that our planet is a typical planet circling a typical star in a typical galaxy (in perhaps a typical ...

To Measure the Sky

Author: Frederick R. Chromey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Release: 2010-05-27

Total Pages: 461

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Observer ''O,'' using the horizon system, will watch the celestial sphere turn, andseestarsmovealongtheprojectedcirclesofconstantdeclination. Figure 3.7a shows the declination circle of a star that just touches the northern horizon.

Yoga for Kids to Teens

Author: Yael Calhoun

Publisher: Sunstone Press

Release: 2008-12-01

Total Pages: 172

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It goes very smoothly and evenly, and now just circle your head to the left moving your arms and hands with them so your chest is over your left knee, ... (Circle right) And forward, into Star Position, and another go-round, left .

Planet Treasure Guardians

Author: S. Bodle

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Release: 2012-07

Total Pages: 302

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Or, in this case, a gold star. Which was just as great he supposed, examining the star. It sat on two circle outlines, attached to the inner circle which was fastened by five hooks to the outer circle. The star's five points just ...

The Stone Circle

Author: Elly Griffiths

Publisher: Hachette UK

Release: 2019-02-07

Total Pages: 384

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'Mum and Dad are being really kind,' says Star, 'but they don't understand. Nor does Sienna. I suppose if I had a partner it might be different because he'd love Ava as much as I do. Have you got a partner?' 'Yes,' says Judy.