The Cannabis Business Book

Author: Michael Zaytsev

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Release: 2020-01-08

Total Pages: 222

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The Cannabis Business Book features interviews and insights from 50 industry leading insiders, including: Founder and Owner of California's largest medical dispensary (Steve DeAngelo)Investors funding the biggest deals in Cannabis business ...

How to Succeed in the Cannabis Business

Author: Dr Patrick Jeff


Release: 2021-01-26

Total Pages: 66

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The legal marijuana industry offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to wade through a complex and ever-changing web of laws and regulations.This book covers the basic steps and legal considerations involved in business ...

Extensive Guide on Lucrative Cannabis Business

Author: Lisa H Gregory Ph D


Release: 2020-12-10

Total Pages: 52

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Cannabis has crept out of the shadows of the stoner culture and emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry that has taken root in sectors including health care, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and agriculture.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis

Author: Michael Zaytsev

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Release: 2016-06-24

Total Pages: 86

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Don't enter the "Green Rush" without learning from the pioneers interviewed for this book. Begin with The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis.

Cannabis Business Plan For Beginners 2 Books In 1

Author: Frank Spilotro

Publisher: Independently Published

Release: 2022-02-17

Total Pages: 152

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Do you want to discover what it takes to run a Cannabis Business? ★ BUY THIS BOOKS NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY! ★ This book will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to get started opening and running a successful Cannabis ...

The Cannabis Business

Author: Charles S. Alovisetti

Publisher: Routledge

Release: 2020-12-30

Total Pages: 196

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Our book is far too short to be a comprehensive volume on the laws impacting the cannabis industry. ... you with a good grasp of the legal framework of the cannabis industry and will position you to succeed in your cannabis ventures.

Cannabis Capital

Author: Ross O'Brien

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

Release: 2020-01-21

Total Pages:

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How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy Ross O'Brien ... early financing remains difficult to access for entrepreneurs who may struggle with the dynamics of how to succeed in the widening legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis Business

Author: Oscar White


Release: 2021-04-06

Total Pages: 230

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In this guide you'll learn: Legalization American States Where Cannabis Remains Illegal: The Red Trident Coffee Shop /Dispensaries /Grow Shop /Head Shop The Core of Dutch Tourism Us Cannabis Stores Collective: Non-Profit Organizations ...