Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue

Author: David J. Flinders

Publisher: IAP

Release: 2010-06-01

Total Pages: 359

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Linking together the idea of collaboration and social capital with our lives, we engaged in dialogue based on a social constructionism theoretical stance. Social constructionism focuses on the cultural generation of meaning created ...

Teaching Dialogue Interpreting

Author: Letizia Cirillo

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

Release: 2017-10-15

Total Pages: 393

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Research-based proposals for higher education Letizia Cirillo, Natacha Niemants. who possessed a slight foreign accent were rated as more credible, honest and accurate than those without a foreign accent. Although this is the only study ...

Intercultural Dialogue on English Language Teaching

Author: Christine Manara

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Release: 2014-03-17

Total Pages: 240

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They describe their early understanding of a “teacher” as mostly task-based related roles as a result of few opportunities to imagine the teachers' role any differently. They see the teacher as the authoritative figure in class, ...

Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue

Author: Chara Haeussler Bohan

Publisher: IAP

Release: 2019-09-01

Total Pages: 329

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From this standpoint, Freire (2000b) developed a structure through which teachers might be better able to ... In practice, a class might first develop themes based on shared inquiry in which students ask questions of the world and of ...

Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Author: Dr. Robert A. Sottilare, US Army Research Laboratory

Publisher: U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Release: 2014-07-01

Total Pages: 426

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ITS technologies typically have the goal of replacing or augmenting the teacher, with an individual or small class size intended for this level of ... Human tutors represent dialogue-based actions instead of monologue-based ones.