One Way Link Building and Do-Follow Blogs

Link building is basically getting links to your sites from other sites and a diverse link building strategy should be a part of your Search Engine Optimization efforts because Google says that in order to gain Page Rank you need to have high quality sites linking to yours. One way links are most powerful, because you do not have to give a link back to the site that is linking to yours and usually one-way links are given more power by the search engines, including the all mighty Google.

It is important when building one-way links that you make sure they are do-follow. Basically webmasters can set the links on their page as a no-follow or a do-follow. When a link is a no-follow it tells the search engines to not follow the link and so it is not counted by Google and does not give you the link juice to affect your Page Rank.

There are several ways to get one-way backlinks to your sites.

1. Article Marketing is a great way to get a one-way backlink.

2. Directories Submissions. Submitting your sites to directories is another great way to get a one-way link.

3. Social Sites. Social bookmark sites are all the rage and while with most of them the links do not count because they are a no-follow, there are several sites that a link from does count, such as, Furl, Spurl, Connectedy and A1 Webmarks.

4. Forum Links. Actively participating in Forums that are relevant to your site’s niche and that allow a do-follow signature link is a great way to get a one-way link.

5. Do-Follow Blog Comments. Do-Follow is a recent revolution where certain bloggers have removed the no-follow attribute from comment links and so when you leave a comment with your url you get a nice backlink from those blogs to your sites. There are countless amounts of do-follow blogs for all subjects and niches.

It is important, to remember to always use the keywords you want to rank for in your anchor text of the link. Some bloggers do not allow keywords in the anchor, but only a first name. Something that I will never understand because if you are offering a do-follow why put restrictions on the anchor? For heaven’s sake who wants to rank for their first name? But, I digressed.

There are many blogs that do allow keywords in the anchor for a comments backlink and those are the bloggers that we are all grateful for, this is how they reward good commenters for their participation. And, this is key, don’t SPAM these blogs, leave meaningful and supportive comments, read the posts, often times these bloggers, who go out of their way to share the link love, also provide some of the best content.

You can find do-follow blogs at Do Follow Diver, which is a nifty search tool that searches for do-follow blogs by keywords you enter.