Link Building – Importance & Technique

Links Building is a common practice to raise search engine page rank. When your site is linked to other sites, they direct the visitors to your website. This leads to increase in traffic to your website. Also, your website links on other site show the search engines that your website is a legitimate site deserving worthy attention. However, to gain from link Exchange strategies, it is important that the links are build with websites relevant to your site. In case the link building site is not related to your website, Google consider it as spam or a black hat SEO.

When there are a significant number of relevant links for your website, you build an online reputation for your products and services which leads to brand promotion and helps to improve the website rank on search engine page results. Now, increase in page rank means more visibility that brings more potential customers to your website. This leads to growth in business and increase in profit.

Blogging- The best technique of Link Exchange

After discussing the importance of link building practice for SEO, the next step is to know the most common, easy and effective method of link building.

Blogging is the most practiced and effective link Exchange practice. Blog writing gives the business organizations the opportunity to write about the industry, new updations and innovations in very simple and reader-friendly language.

Write blogs on relevant topics using relevant keywords and link those keywords with the relevant pages of the website. The more efficiently and regularly you post blogs, the more relevant links you build for your website.